What We Do

Delivering Safer Workplaces

We believe that to be great business you must have the right systems to look after your people and your P&L and a safety conscious business is a smart business. Our people come from risk rich operational environments so we know the realities of business in the real world. As a result our systems and practices are robust, user friendly and designed to be used in the real world.


Carried out by our Senior Risk Assessor, the assessment includes a full walk through your facility and a report outlining the opportunities for your business.


A great safety culture means higher productivity, less down time, happy workers and low injury rates; safety is no impediment to productivity or profit.

Employee Training &

We engage with your team to understand your business from the floor up and create safety solutions that make sense and are easy to follow.

Bespoke &
Off-the-shelf Packages

We offer a number of pragmatic modules that take the pain away from implementing those first critical ‘must have’ systems into your business.

A clear pathway for your WH&S is only a click away.

Safe business is good business
The idea that safety gets in the way of profit simply isn’t true. The cost and non-cost benefits of having a great safety culture are well documented from higher productivity, less down time, happy workers and lowest injury rates; safety is no impediment to productivity or profit with the safest sites in Australia often being the most profitable.


  • Leisure Industry
  • Sporting Group (Football Clubs)
  • Volunteer Organisations
  • Construction
  • Services (Electrical, Plumbing etc)
  • Road Transport (Sensitive Freight, Long Distance & Metro)
  • Supply Chain (FMCG & Consumer Goods)
  • Manufacturing (Food, Joinery, Beverages)
  • Bulk Retailers
  • Childcare
  • Warehousing (Existing & Greenfield)

TOT provides a free 2 hour business assessment which includes a review of your
existing processes, systems and documentation and a walk through your site or facility.