Who We are

Safety made simple

TOT Solutions is a low cost safety solutions business that is made up of people who have come from the exact position you find yourself in now. You want to do more around safety and meet your legal and moral obligations. You want to know more but finding the right information seems like a huge task and when you think you’ve found the right solutions for your business it looks like a massive, daunting and expensive undertaking.

Our approach is all about taking the myth and over-the-top expenses out of safety management. Not only do we provide a free business assessment and a report that outlines the opportunities in your business, we also add our personal experience of having been where you are right now.

Having conquered our own fears and become recognised as being at the cutting edge of smart low cost safety systems and we are here to help you reduce the risk to your business and your people all while driving engagement with your people. The TOT Solutions safety experience is engaging, cost effective and is managed at every stage by award winning safety people.

A clear pathway for your WH&S is only a click away.


As a part of the successful TOT Group, TOT Solutions leverages off an experience of a team of professionals who have been providing expert support to both Blue Chip and Small to Medium Size Enterprises for over 15 years. We know that nothing in business is seen in isolation these days and our experienced team have a huge array of knowledge to support your safety drive, specifically around Human Resources and Business Development.

We have received multiple nominations at both state and commonwealth level for our work in supply chain safety.

Our team has senior managerial experience in a number of best practice environments and has worked with WorkCover NSW on a number of initiatives in the past 3 years. While we do offer emergency support and ‘off the shelf’ packages but our specialisation is in partnering with your people to embed the safety thinking into your business’s culture and values before the incident occurs.

TOT provides a free 2 hour business assessment which includes a review of your
existing processes, systems and documentation and a walk through your site or facility.