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The TOT concept is the brainchild of Andrew Sedrak the General Manager of TOT Group. He is regarded as a customer service and safety champion and has been individually and collectively recognised at state and national level for his work within supply chain, specifically around low cost high yield safety solutions.

Having seen the complexities and challenges facing business who want to do the right thing they realised that they could assist other companies by replicating the role of an internal safety team at a fraction of the cost. The goal is to create a not just compliance but also the real sense of ownership amongst the workforce. Essentially they create a safety culture that compliments a business’s existing operational capabilities and customer service levels.

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Andrew Sedrak

Andrew began his career in the bulk retail space rapidly rising from the floor to becoming a Business Manager at the iconic Strathfield Radio before moving onto Pharmaceutical Business Development roles and eventually his embryonic role at TOT as a Key Account and New Business Development Manager.

This role quickly transferred into that of General Manager as he began to transform the Transport business into the modern Award Winning entity that is recognised by customers, and by organisations like WorkCover NSW, as being at the forefront of modern thinking within the Transport Industry.

TOT provides a free 2 hour business assessment which includes a review of your
existing processes, systems and documentation and a walk through your site or facility.